Another day in Paradise


01.05.17 | Comment?

The Mycelium kingdom… A magical happenstance.

I hike whenever I get the chance, and here in Big Sur I’ve found a new passion–foraging for mushrooms. I’ve begun to identify 20 or 30 varieties and have even worked up the courage to start eating some as I find them. Honey Mushrooms line the canyon walls just behind the Henry Miller Library. Some are poisonous and some are delicious! I don’t know each and every one, but the more time I spend studying them and drawing them, the more I am able to learn–to learn by looking, by slow steady hands examining each and every detail of this amazing world of fungi.

bigsur_shroom3bigsur_shroom15bigsur_shroom2 bigsur_shroom4 bigsur_shroom5  bigsur_shroom7 bigsur_shroom8bigsur_shroom17bigsur_shroom9 bigsur_shroom10  bigsur_shroom13 bigsur_shroom14  bigsur_shroom16
bigsur_shroom18 bigsur_shroom19 bigsur_shroom20 bigsur_shroom21 bigsur_shroom22 bigsur_shroom23 bigsur_shroom24 bigsur_shroom25 bigsur_shroom26 bigsur_shroom27 bigsur_shroom28bigsur_shroom1bigsur_shroom6

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